We are exploring claims against Panini America, Inc. In doing so, we are actively reviewing the number of potential claims and the facts of those potential claims to determine if they arrive to the level that would require legal intervention.

The type of claims that we are exploring are listed below but should not be taken as an exclusive list. Our attorneys would live to hear your stories and experiences.


    • Redemption cards unfulfilled
    • Redemption cards fulfilled with a less desirable card(s)
    • Redemption cards fulfilled with points that were not the equivalent to the redemption card submitted
    • Redemption cards fulfilled with special “packs” of cards
    • Redemption cards fulfilled with damaged card(s)

As well, we are aware of past lawsuits against Panini and are exploring other legal strategies to hold Panini accountable for any possible negligent conduct.

Please submit your information below, along with a description of your experience.

Please maintain copies of all correspondence with Panini. Capture screenshots of all submissions. Maintain/Take photographs of the redemption card(s) and the products received in return.

Case Submission