Dog Bite Law In Nashville

Dog bite law in Nashville is the same as it is anywhere in Tennessee.  There are two major components to dog bite law that a dog bite lawyer should be able to explain to you or a loved one if a dog bite has been suffered.  These two components will help determine if you or a loved one have a claim against the owner of the dog.

These two components are what are referred to as either ‘Strict Liability’ or ‘The One Bite Rule’.  They have slight but important distinctions that will help understand your rights.

Strict Liability

Strict liability holds the owner of a dog responsible if their dog bit or attacked an individual or damaged property.  In order for strict liability to apply, the dog must not be on property owned by the dog owner.  There are defenses that can still be raised, but they are rare and difficult to prove on the part of the dog owner.

One Bite Rule

The One Bite Rule applies in instances where the owner’s dog is on property owned by the owner.  This could be a home, apartment, or other type of property.  Then, the dog is, essentially, excused for one bite or attack.  However, the injured person must show that the dog’s owner knew, or should reasonably have known, that the dog would act aggressively in order to hold the owner liable for damages.

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